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Märchenkorpus Version 1.0

295880 Tokens

Licence (for corpus and related documents): CC BY SA 3.0 Germany
Formats: TEI-Header, txt, treetaggeroutput, relANNIS
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Walter, Maik; Maerchenkorpus (Version 1.0), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
Corpus Märchenkorpus Version 1.0

The section contains general information about the corpus itself. You get information about the corpus editors and annotators, the corpus project, the documents of the corpus and the applied annotations and formats.


The section contains bibliographic information about each document in the corpus, e.g. author, date and publication place. Each document has a list of annotation.


The section contains the whole tagset for each annotation with descriptions.


The section contains information about each step of preparation for each annotation which is listed in the section ‘annotation’. Here, the tools used for data preparation, checking methods and information about the overall corpus architecture are listed.